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How do we save you £2500 on Worcester Boiler Service maintenance?

Worcester Boiler Service maintenance over 10 years cost around £2500, if we repair your boiler twice during that 10 year period it might only cost you around £200 If you are paying £250 per year on a Worcester boiler service maintenance contract, over ten years it amounts to £2500. This is a lot of money for a Worcester Boiler Service maintenance contract, especially when considering the boiler on its own (depending on which model you have) is about £600 for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar I Junior , Worcester Greenstar SI ... Read more

Taking care of your boiler in winter

Boiler breakdowns tend to take place more frequently in the winter months, due to cold temperatures freezing and bursting pipes and the boiler having to work harder to heat up the home. Frost and snow are never far away from the Met Office’s weather predictions, so here are some tips to help keep your boiler ticking over in February. Low heat: Keeping your boiler on constantly prevents it from freezing and keeps it ticking over. The most energy-efficient way to do this is ... Read more