How do we save you £2500 on Worcester Boiler Service maintenance?

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Worcester Boiler Service maintenance over 10 years cost around £2500, if we repair your boiler twice during that 10 year period it might only cost you around £200

If you are paying £250 per year on a Worcester boiler service maintenance contract, over ten years it amounts to £2500. This is a lot of money for a Worcester Boiler Service maintenance contract, especially when considering the boiler on its own (depending on which model you have) is about £600 for a Worcester Bosch Greenstar I Junior , Worcester Greenstar SI or  Worcester Greenstar RI  to 950 pounds for a Worcester Greenstar CDI range.

Once a boiler breaks down a lot of people start to doubt their Worcester Bosch boiler durability and start to consider a Worcester Bosch service maintenance plan. However, what is forgotten is that they have a very reliable boiler, which hardly breaks down. Therefore, taking Worcester Bosch service maintenance is not the right solution. Instead, Worcester boiler repairs done by us could cost you only £99 and many of our customers have saved a lot of money thanks to our repair plan. You also get a free boiler servicing and we guarantee our repairs for 2 years.  By having your boiler repaired by us you save a minimum of two years compared to a Worcester Bosch Service